10/1 N. Gadzhimagomedov street Makhachkala
fitness center
We made sure that you can keep your regular routine
and take time for your health while you stay at Al-Firai.
(for hotel residents)
area — 40 sq.м
cycling Simulators
Free weights
Billiard room
A spacious room where you can spend time playing in a pleasant atmosphere, talking with friends or working on business matters.
500 ₽/hour
area — 70 sq.m
Russian billiards
2 playes
wood-fired Russian banyas
Banya is a traditional Russian bathhouse. It is a popular place for recovery after a busy day at work, besides, steam room has a positive effect on the general health of the human body.
1 500 ₽/hour
house area — 100 sq.м
10 houses
2 floors
Meet Dagestan
We work with a tour company that organizes various tours of our Republic and makes people fall in love with it. Turnkey excursions of one day and more are available. Explore Sulak Canyon, Old Mountain, Gamsutl and many other places...
Concierge Service
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Concierge Service
Concierge services include support and assistance in solving various issues: ordering theater tickets, plane or train tickets, booking a hotel, arranging a transfer, helping to hold a business meeting, arranging an appointment with a doctor, etc.
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